Enrichment Dog Toy Bundle

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One of Pet Park Boulevard's favorite bundles, this dog toy bundle is made to keep your dog busy! Featuring five different toys, each are made to be stimulating that exercises the brain.

Snuffle Mat Co. Green Tea Snuffle Mat - Designed to help relieve boredom, this puzzle toy lets dogs use their smelling senses to find treats and food. Machine washable.
Specifications: 11" (w) x 2.5" (h) x 11" (l)
BolderK9 Voyager BioThane® Tug Toy - The perfect, glow in the dark tug toy for your pet. Playtime doesn't have to be over when it gets dark! Made from durable BioThane® and high-quality Chew King® rubber balls.
Specifications: Handle - 9". Ball - 3".
Hambos Bacon Leather - Made for heavy chewers, bacon leather is made from two heavy weighted leather strips sewn together.
Specifications: 1.5" (w) x 13" (l) with about 1/4" thickness
Wild One Twist Toss - The perfect toy with multiple uses. Works great as a bouncy ball and chew holder. Made from natural rubber, this BPA free twist toy is also perfect for holding your dog's favorite spread. Freeze the twist for a longer, lasting treat. 
Specifications: 2.7" (w) x 2.7" (l) x 2.7" (h).
Nordog Rope Toy - An original rope toy with extreme durability made from organic material.
Specifications: 3" (w) x 9" (l) x 3.5" (h)